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Chiropractor Missoula MT Bernard Olson

Dr. Bernard Olson is a 3rd generation Montanan, and 2nd generation Missoulian. At 10 years old Dr. Olson knew he wanted to be a chiropractor. He took every opportunity growing up to move in the direction of becoming a chiropractor. He started the path to becoming a chiropractor by graduating from Loyola Sacred Heart High School. 

After graduation, he went to the University of Montana where he met his beautiful wife and was a cheerleader for four years. Dr. Olson then moved to Davenport, IA and started graduate school at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the birthplace of Chiropractic. While at Palmer, Dr. Olson started learning as many techniques in chiropractic as he could. After two years he decided to specialize in Atlas Orthogonal. Dr. Olson is one of 400 in the country, and the only doctor in Montana that has trained with the creator of Atlas Orthogonal, Dr. Roy Sweat.

After moving back home to Missoula, MT Dr. Olson became a board member of the Brain Injury Alliance of Montana whose goal is "to create a better future for those impacted by brain injury through awareness, support, advocacy, community engagement, and prevention.” Along with helping build awareness for brain injuries and how they affect the ones we love, he has joined Kiwanis Club of Missoula. The Kiwanis Club helps Missoula, MT community by striving to make a difference for our local youth through sponsored programs.

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