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Our clinic offers chiropractic care for sports injuries and concussions in Missoula MT.

Sports injuries are a common part of playing a sport, with concussions being one of the biggest concerns. You can sustain a concussion from trauma to the head, whether it's falling while you're running to the goal, getting hit in the face by a baseball, or crashing into someone else while you're running to catch a football. With chiropractic care, a sports injury doesn't have to stop you from playing your favorite sport. We at Precision Chiropractic in Missoula MT are here to help.

Identifying a Sports Injury

A concussion can be hard to identify, as, unlike other injuries, it's not visible. If you break your leg or twist your ankle, you'll likely see swelling and struggle to walk, whereas a concussion can occur even if there is no bruising or bleeding. Common symptoms are appearing dazed, moving clumsily, forgetting instructions, confusion, and, in extreme cases, a loss of consciousness.

Other sports injuries, such as sprains and strains, might show themselves with swelling, pain, and limited range of movement. The pain might start off small and then get worse over time.

Seek Medical Treatment First for a Concussion in Missoula MT

Since symptoms vary depending on the person, monitoring them and seeking medical treatment is important. The injured athlete may feel nauseous, vomit, be bothered by lights, feel foggy or dizzy, or experience a general sense that something isn't right. Athletes suspected of obtaining a concussion should immediately stop playing and be evaluated by a medical professional.

Depending on the nature of the other sports injuries, and the sport being played, it is likely a good idea to stop playing if you notice signs of a sprain or strain. This may be particularly important if you are going to be exercising the injured area in the sport.

Rest and Recovery

Head injuries might require tests like physical examinations, neurological assessments, and cognitive testing. You'll need to rest and allow your brain time to heal. While you might be eager to return to your sport, you'll need to wait to be cleared by a medical professional for your own safety.

After you have been cleared, chiropractic care may be able to help ease the pain you are experiencing during the recovery period. Chiropractic care may be able to help you recover by monitoring your progress and making lifestyle recommendations.

Practice Preventive Procedures

Proper prevention can be an important method of protection against concussions and sports injuries. It may come in many forms, such as safety equipment like helmets, padding, and mouthguards, as well as your coach and teammates working together to enforce preventive techniques like promoting safe play and encouraging proper technique.

Get Sports Injury and Concussion Recovery Help with Chiropractic Care from Our Missoula MT Chiropractor

Whether dealing with sports injuries, concussions, or other conditions, we at Precision Chiropractic will guide you through your recovery. We serve the Missoula MT community and will teach you the basics of chiropractic care and how it may be able to help you recover and avoid further injury in the future.

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