Our Process in Missoula

Chiropractic Missoula MT Our Process

Our process always begins with a Complimentary Consultation in Missoula. This is simply a conversation, not a commitment, that allows you the opportunity to explain your needs and goals. We are there to create a personalized approach to healthcare, and ultimately determine if Precision Chiropractic is the right place for you.

Objective Procedures for ADC

  • Precise Orthogonal Digital X-rays
  • Orthogonal Mechanical Symmetrical Analysis
  • Orthogonal Scanning Palpation

We use all these accurate and state of the art diagnostic indicators to evaluate the structural stability of your spine. By using specific and accurate objective examinations we can deliver PRECISE treatment plans customized to each individual and each individual circumstance.

Your Treatment Options in Missoula

There are many types of treatment options that both medical and alternative medicine practitioners provide. Most doctors are focused on secondary conditions (pain/symptom relief) and do excellent work. Typically people start with medication or homeopathic options which can turn off the pain receptors.

These are all effective treatment programs and should be used at the appropriate time and place. The goal in our practice is to guide your spine to what is considered to be normal. By doing so will relieve pressure on the discs, which subsequently will relieve pressure on the nerves in your body.

At Precision Chiropractic if during the consultation the doctor finds our care is not correct for you, we will make sure to find the best practitioner to help with your specific condition.

*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary depending on an individual’s unique health history.

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