The only way to appreciate ABNORMAL - is to know NORMAL.


When it comes to normal, we’re not expecting anyone to be perfect. However, if your skull and atlas are displaced beyond what is considered acceptable, you have an Atlas Displacement Complex. Your head shifting to the side is no different than the foundation of your house sinking on one side by a couple of inches.


If the foundation of your house sunk down on one side, what would you expect?

            -Floorboards would creak a little

            -Cracks in the drywall

            -Windows not opening smoothly

            -Problems with your roof as a result of this shift

As you probably guessed, the problem is a shift in the foundation of your house. Traditional doctors, regardless of what area of healthcare, typically look at managing SECONDARY CONDITIONS, rather than focusing on the underlying cause. The traditional doctor would put an extra nail or two on the floor to stop it from creaking, patch the drywall, and would put WD40 around the window to help things move a little smoother. Will all of those FIX the problem?


What would you do FIRST if this were your home? That’s right - you would get out of the house for a short time and let someone who focuses on repairing foundation shifts, come to your home and fix the foundation. After that, and after a little work on the secondary effects from the shift in the foundation, you're good to go.